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Ayurveda and Nityanand

         Ayurveda (आयुर्वेद) is a traditional branch of medicine with its originating roots in India. This pathy of treatment is based upon ancient art of treatment using only natural components in medicines.
Our organization, Nityanand, is based on this ayurvedic science. Origins of this name has various root causes. Syntactic meaning of this name, Nityanand, means Nitya Anand(नित्य+आनंद) that is happiness in daily life because of fit health (बहुमूल्य माया, नीरोगी काया). Nityanand in sanskrit means Sun, the God of Life and Energy. As sun is the source of energy for all the living things on this planet, our mission is to provide good health and energy to people on this earth. The people who get attached to Nityanad actually get attached to the nature. All our product ranges are manufactured from natural components. We believe in the philosophy of taking from nature and serve humanity. As per ancient hindu mythology, Bhagavata Purana, as lord Nityananda the Avatar of Śeṣanāga(Narayana) took the responsibility of flourishing the life on earth, Nityanand is doing the same through ayurveda.
Founders of 'Nityanand' have been serving the humanity with name 'Nityanand Ayurved Rasayan Shala' since 1960. In early days we started as a charitable clinic and today stand as a big organization serving products in several ranges. We are the manfacturers of more than 350 ayurvedic products ranging from food products to health care (Shashtrokt and patent) products.