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Our Mission

        Our moto is to provide good health to the humanity through ayurveda.Nityanand in sanskrit means Sun, the God of Life and Energy. As sun is the source of energy for all the living things on this planet, our mission is to provide good health and energy to people on this earth. The people who get attached to Nityanad actually get attached to the nature. All our product ranges are manufactured from natural components. We believe in the philosophy of taking from nature and serve humanity. We strongly beleive that any deficiency / illness in the body starts when a person stays away from the nature and can be recovered if the root cause of the deficiency is removed for which nature has provided plenty of means.
In early days ayurvedic Vaidyas used to give treatment in small scale and were thus able to maintain good standards of medicine and preparation methodolgy. As now a days availability of those herbs is localized to a particular region in India these Vaidyas find it difficult to collect all of those herbs and maintain similar standards. Being a big organization we collect all these natural components from various part of the world and bring them together. We maintain the quality and ethnicity of all our ayurvedic products. We have followed the same procedures to maintain ethinicity of the medicines and also use modern machines when required to manufacture on large scale.
We also run various activities throughout the year. In green drives run by the company we plant lot of trees. These drives help us in protecting nature and make earth greener. We also run various free health checkups throughout the country. In rural areas we take our expert team of doctors as well as other renowned doctors to provide best medical facilities and other benefits to the society for free. All these programs help a lot in making society a better place.