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Research and Work Methodology

        Founders of 'Nityanand' have been serving the humanity with name 'Nityanand Ayurved Rasayan Shala' since 1960. Every medicine and its formulations provided have been tested from times. Our formulations are based on ancient text of Suśruta Saṃhitā and Charaka Saṃhitā.
The methodologies that we use matches with these texts and thus are of best quality. Methodologies mentioned in these texts make sure that content of herbs are retained. We have identified these methodologies and their advantages over new technologies currently in use. Our approach is to remain as close as possible to these texts and thus take maximum benefit out of it.
This doesn't imply that we don't use new technology. At places where earlier shastras lacked in technology we have made optimum use of it. Our expert team of doctors and researchers work on new medicine. We also further improve upon any formulation if possible. This hybrid environment of work culture that involves both Shastra Gyan and latest technology help us to achieve the maximum quality of our products.