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Arogwardhni Bati

Name: Arogwardhni Bati

Action and Therapeutic Use: Acts as an alternative, carminative Stomachic. Indicated in anamia, hepatitis, congestion of liver, enlargedent of spleen and dyspesiaImage Not Available

Ingredients: Kajjali, Lauha Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma, Triphala, Shilajit (Purified) Kutaki, Guggulu (Purified), Chitrakmool.

Packagings Available:
80 TAB105 Rs
40 TAB58 Rs
20 TAB35 Rs

Dosage*: 1 to 3 tab twice a day with water or milk.
*Dosage may vary from person to person depending upon health conditions. It is important that dosage taken should be recommended by your physician.

References: Ras Ratna Samuchchaya