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Dashmoola Risht

Name: Dashmoola Risht

Action and Therapeutic Use: Acts as a bitter tonic and alternative. Indicated in nervous diseases, anaemia, cough, acts as a general tonic. Image Not Available

Ingredients: Dashmool, Chitrakmool, Pushkarmool, Lodhra, Giloe, Javasa, Khadira, vijayasar, Trifala, Kust, Manjishtha, Devdaru, Vindanga, Kababchini, Chandan, Jaiphal, Munakka, Ashtavarga, Jaggery (Gud) Chaturjat, Kasturi etc.

Packagings Available:
680ML130 Rs
450ML95 Rs
225ML60 Rs

Dosage*: 3 to 5 teaspoonfull with equal quantity of and water twice a day after meals.
*Dosage may vary from person to person depending upon health conditions. It is important that dosage taken should be recommended by your physician.

References: Bhaishajya Ratnavali