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Musali Pak

Name: Musali Pak

Action and Therapeutic Use: act an aphrodisiac & tonic indicated in sexual weakness gives strength & viogour ,& useful in leucorrhoea alsoImage Not Available

Ingredients: Safed Musli, Trikatu, Badi Ela, Dalchini, Tejpatra, Shatavari, Chitrakmool, Gokhru, Ashwagandha Haritaki, Laung, Jaiphal, Javitri Talmalkhana, Khareti Beej, Kawanch Beej, Semalgond, Kamalgatta, Taakshiri, Akarkara, Safed Chini, Makardhwaj, Vang Bhasma etc.

Packagings Available:
100G160 Rs
50G85 Rs

Dosage*: 1 to 2 teaspoonful with milk or water twice.
*Dosage may vary from person to person depending upon health conditions. It is important that dosage taken should be recommended by your physician.

References: Ayurved Saar Sangrah.